The expert called the condition for slowing down the growth of garbage tariffs

The growth of the municipal solid waste collection tariff may slow down after the industry begins to receive money from the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mechanism. About this “AiF” said the general director of the PPK «Russian Ecological Operator» (REO) Denis Butsaev.

The RPR mechanism provides that for the disposal of all issued packaging and partially — goods will be the responsibility of the manufacturer. He will be able to do it himself or enter into contracts with professional recyclers. Otherwise, the company will have to pay the state an environmental fee twice the cost of self-processing.

“Now the — the main source of money in the industry. Its growth is limited by the requirements of the FAS — no more than 5% per year. We can do without tariff growth, but when the industry receives money from the RPR, the pace of its increase may be slowed down, – explained Butsaev.

The draft law on improving the ROP is now being prepared by the government, added the general director of the PPK REO.

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