The garbage industry will place green bonds for 100 billion rubles

To finance the construction of four dozen waste management facilities that will appear in 31 regions, the Russian Environmental Operator (REO) will issue green bonds for 100 billion rubles. Their placement will take place in the near future, Aleksey Makrushin, Deputy General Director of the PPC REO, told during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. , – he clarified.

According to Makrushin, now regional operators already understand where, how much and what kind of waste they generate, now their main task is — establish sales of secondary raw materials. To do this, the PIC REO will hold a series of consultations with industrialists and farmers in order to find places for recycled waste to be used together.

“We need to offer the market more recycled materials, then it will be easier to sell them,” he said. – When it comes to piece goods, it is more difficult to organize sales.

Earlier it was reported that more than 10% of waste is processed into secondary raw materials in Russia. 48% of municipal solid waste generated in Russia is sorted, and 11% of them become secondary material resources.

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