The governor of Sevastopol reported six wounded in the attack on the fleet base

During the explosion in the courtyard of the headquarters of the Navy in Sevastopol, not five were injured, as previously reported, but six people, Razvozhaev said. The level of terrorist security can be increased in the city

Consequences of a strike on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet

The Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev at 7:28 on his Telegram channel announced that a Ukrainian drone had struck at the headquarters of the Navy in Sevastopol. As a result, six employees were injured, there were no deaths.

“At approximately 06:02 there was a bang, the UAV attacked the headquarters of the fleet. There was an explosion in the courtyard of the fleet headquarters, & mdash; Razvozhaev commented later.— There were no fatalities, six people were injured, two had moderate wounds, the rest & mdash; lungs". According to him, all the necessary assistance was provided to the wounded, and law enforcement agencies are working on the spot.

The Governor added that for security reasons today, on Navy Day, all public events that were planned in Sevastopol have been cancelled. “Now we will conduct an operational headquarters, we will take all necessary measures. There is no reason to panic, everything is under control. All law enforcement and law enforcement agencies are mobilized. The relevant competent authorities will then inform about the reasons and details,— he promised.

According to Razvozhaev, it is still difficult to predict whether security measures in the city will be strengthened. “[We] understood that the comrades from the Ukroreich would want to spoil our holiday, — he added.— There are no reasons for concern. The only thing: a request to residents to stay at home as much as possible and not to be in public places, not to concentrate. He admitted that during the meeting of the operational headquarters a decision would be made to increase the level of terrorist security.

Razvozhaev noted that today's celebrations in the city would not be postponed to another date, except for the planned high diving competition.


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A home-made unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a low-power explosive device was used in the attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, the press service of the fleet reported. The wounded employees of the headquarters are provided with medical assistance.

Before that, it was planned that on the Day of the Navy in Sevastopol a prayer service, laying of flowers and a tour of ships in the city bay would be held.

In Sevastopol, in connection with the location of the base of the Black Sea Fleet, visits to a number of city beaches were previously banned or restricted. At the end of May, the governor said that because of the special operation in Ukraine, the security forces were carrying out “events that [he], for obvious reasons, [he] cannot speak about in detail and in detail.”

The authorities of the Russian regions bordering Ukraine after the start of the special operation repeatedly reported drone strikes: for example, at the end of July, the Bryansk governor Alexander Bogomaz said that a quadrocopter had dropped an explosive device into a warehouse near the Troebortnoye customs checkpoint. Four people were injured, one of whom subsequently died.

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