The lawyer told when you can get a large fine for outdoor recreation

Causing significant damage to specially protected natural areas can be punished by a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles. About this “Moscow 24” said lawyer Maria Yarmush.

She recalled that such territories include nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, national and natural parks, natural monuments, botanical gardens and dendrological parks. You can get there only with the permission of the staff, and for a specific purpose. For example, to conduct scientific research.

“If a person came to the reserve with a tent, lit a fire there, started picking berries, mushrooms, and picking plants, he violates the law,” – Yarmush explained.

So, for picking mushrooms or berries, you can get a fine of three to four thousand rubles. If significant damage is caused to the territory, then the violator may be fined up to 200 thousand rubles or sent to corrective labor, as well as deprive him of the right to hold a certain position.

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