To the future with a ticket. How teenagers are helped to choose a profession

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Determine what profession you like — key question for every child. And in this he is called upon to help adult professionals. For this purpose, festivals of professions, career guidance events are held in the country and advanced professional training centers are opened. 

One of the key projects for early career guidance for schoolchildren in grades 6-11 — project “Ticket to the Future”. Its main task — help schoolchildren understand the world of modern professions and introduce them to the professions of the future, which will be relevant for the economy of their region in the coming decades.

In 2021, in 80 regions of Russia, schoolchildren were able to visit career guidance sites of the federal project “Ticket to the Future”. In all historical parks «Russia— My story" the quest multimedia exhibition-testing “Laboratory of the Future” was opened. More than 300,000 Russian schoolchildren took part in the project, and more than 5,000 navigators became their mentors. Each direction includes four industries and at least 40 professions. The exhibitions are designed for schoolchildren of the 6th and 11th grades. By 2024, each of the 85 regions of the country will open a center for identifying, supporting and developing the abilities and talents of children and youth. And in the project “Ticket to the Future” more than a million students will participate.

Advanced Vocational Training Centers — this is a platform—aggregator for career guidance, accelerated vocational training, advanced training in the most popular and promising professions and competencies at a level that meets WorldSkills standards. 

On the basis of the Kursk Electromechanical College, the Advanced Professional Training Center has been operating since 2021. At the end of the year, the center hosted the first event within the framework of the “Marathon of Professions” project. The project is a series of video-conferencing conversations with students from urban and rural schools who plan to continue their studies at colleges or technical schools in the region. At the “Marathon of Professions” the children are told about the features of various specialties that are in demand in the Kursk region, educational organizations in the region where this profession can be obtained, as well as local enterprises in need of specialists in these industries. The first edition of the “Marathon of Professions” was dedicated to the work of an electrician. According to the Russian Ministry of Labor, “electrician” is included in the TOP-50 most demanded professions in the country. Specialists with such education are required at many energy, construction and utility companies in the region. Participants of the first edition of the “Marathon of Professions” in the Kursk region were children from 47 schools in the region. 

Since the end of December, a series of career guidance events for schoolchildren has been held at the Altai Pedagogical University. The Institute of Information Technologies and Physical and Mathematical Education invited to participate in the winter profile shift “School of the Future Teacher” students in grades 9-11. The students were offered online events organized by the best teachers and students of the Institute of Information Technology and Physics and Mathematics Education: webinar lectures, master classes, project research activities, etc. “Participants of the” School of the Future Teacher ” will receive in-depth training in mathematics and physics, which makes it possible to enter our university, — organizers said. The Faculty of Philology invited students of 10 & 11 grades to the winter School of Literature during the New Year holidays. As part of the Winter School, there were consultations with experienced teachers, seminars on the theory and history of literature, the Russian language, the culture of speech, literary drawing rooms, intellectual battles and quizzes. Also, future applicants were introduced to the peculiarities of studying at the university.

1,400 schoolchildren took part in the “Ticket to the Future” project in the Novgorod region. The guys went through 2000 online diagnostics of various levels, attended 75 career guidance lessons. “As part of the project, professional tests were organized at 19 sites, in the workshops of colleges and technical schools. The children were able to try themselves in more than 50 professions. In total, about 100 professional tests were carried out, in which 738 schoolchildren of grades 6-7 took part. In addition, 20 teachers-navigators of the region improved their qualifications, — said Director of the advanced training center Irina Khvoshchevskaya.

School No. 1 in the village of Pravoberezhnoye, Chechen Republic, hosted an extra-curricular event “In the World of Professions” aimed at early career guidance for students. “There are many factors that negatively influence the choice of profession, and one of them — it is the lack of awareness of the child about the variety of professions, », — says the class teacher of the 9th grade Estemirova Aizan. The children were offered the game “The most … professions”. Students had to make a list of professions in a limited time: the most fashionable; most forgotten; the most courageous; the most free. One of the stages of the event included questions in a blitz format about various professions, as well as an algorithm for choosing a profession. 

In the program of the specialized project module “My Career Guidance Initiative” All-Russian project “Ticket to the Future” teachers from the Novosibirsk region presented their projects, and at the end of the event they were among the best teachers-navigators of the project. About 180 teachers from all over the country became participants in the project module. 

Following the results of the project module, the teacher of additional education of the Bagan House of Children's Creativity Larisa Lobanova with the project “Educational Quest” The Way to Pedagogy ” entered the TOP-100 career guidance initiatives, and the teacher of school No. — in the TOP-15 of the best career guidance initiatives. “It is worth noting the high significance of the projects presented by the region and the active participation of teachers in our region in the organization of career guidance work and the implementation of their proposed career guidance initiatives,” — tagged Director of the Novosibirsk Center for the Development of Vocational Education Olesya Osokina.

Project “Ticket to the Future” is aimed at early professional orientation of students in grades 6-11 of general educational organizations in order to choose a profession for schoolchildren, further employment and professional training and is implemented as part of the federal project “Success of every child”; national project “Education”. One of the main tasks of the national project “Education” — creation of a system for identifying, supporting and developing the abilities and talents of young people. To this end, work is underway to ensure equal access of children to relevant and popular programs of additional education, to identify the talents of each child and early career guidance for students. Carrying out early and comprehensive career guidance activities can not only improve the quality of education, but also enable the child to understand what is really interesting for him and in what field of activity he would like to work and build a career.


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