Unique combat drones “Orion” will be produced in three shifts

The plant of the company “Kronstadt” in Dubna, which produces Orion reconnaissance and strike drones, will soon start working in three shifts, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the deputy general director of the plant Alexei Belykh.

“A new plant for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles in order to fulfill the received orders, it will soon switch to a three-shift mode of operation. In this connection, the Kronstadt company continues recruitment», – he said during a meeting with employees of the Dubna Machine-Building Plant (DMZ)

Belykh added that they were ready to partially compensate new employees for housing rent, help with transport, provide overalls and VHI policies. Young specialists and workers without experience are trained directly at the production site, they are assigned mentors.

Recall that the Orion medium-altitude UAV, also known as Pacer, has a long flight duration. It can be used as a reconnaissance aircraft and for launching missile strikes.

The drone can be equipped with up to four «air– earth". The machine has a speed of 200 km/h, the maximum flight altitude – 7.5 km, and the device can stay in the air for up to a day. Maximum payload weight – 250 kg.

It was previously reported that mass deliveries of new UAVs would begin no earlier than 2023. For the production of “Orions” a special plant was built in Dubna near Moscow.

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