What kind of British HUSKY TSV armored vehicles were sent to Ukraine?

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On there are reports on the Internet that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have begun to use British-made armored vehicles on the front lines. They claim that British HUSKY Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) armored vehicles have entered service with Ukraine. In particular, at least two such armored cars can be seen on the footage. The vehicles are said to be in a combat zone.

HUSKY armored vehicles in Afghanistan. Photo: www.globallookpress.com/Nelvin C.Cepda

Combat Support

The Husky TSV is a tactical support vehicle. The British auto industry developed this highly mobile vehicle specifically for its army for operations in Afghanistan. It is produced by Navistar Defense.

Its predecessor was the International MXT-MV army vehicle. A number of changes were made to its design to meet the standards of the British Army. She was accepted into armament in 2007 year, the British Army placed an order for 351 vehicles of this type. The Husky was designed to assist patrols in areas considered less dangerous.


The drive is provided by one International VT & nbsp; 365 engine with a power of up to & nbsp; 325 liters. With. The car has a length of about 6 meters and a width of 2.36 meters. The power reserve is about 650 & nbsp; kilometers. The Husky TSV is very mobile both on the road and off the road. Has a 4×4 drive. It is also mobile in terms of air transport — machines of this type can be transported by C-130 Hercules aircraft. Its important feature is the ability to easily "book" it additionally by applying the appropriate modules in the field. Also, various types of small-caliber weapons, for example, machine guns or automatic grenade launchers, can be installed on the machine. It can accommodate four people, including the driver and commander.


The vehicle is equipped with an installed general-purpose machine gun and remotely controlled weapon system with door and glass shooting holes. The weapon included in the weapon system has a caliber of up to 12.7 mm.


There are three modifications to this machine. It can be an ordinary civilian off-road vehicle, a medical vehicle or a command vehicle. The vehicle is produced both in armored and unarmored versions. The armored version is equipped with two sets of armor with varying degrees of protection against explosive devices and small arms, including sniper weapons. The civilian variant is fitted with a bed.

Canine Series

The British Army's fleet of tactical support vehicles includes the Wolfhound, Coyote and Husky. Vehicles are also used to transport goods. Husky will support light armored vehicles, while Wolfhound and Coyote will support heavy and light armored vehicles, respectively. On the Internet you can find many models of these cars for sale, apparently, they are very popular with collectors.

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