What public services can be obtained outside the place of registration?

Register by residence — a prerequisite for receiving regional child benefits or registering as unemployed. But receipt of many state and municipal services is based on the principle of extraterritoriality. This means that a person can apply for a service at any MFC or territorial division of a department, wherever he is located.

What services can be obtained outside the place of registration?

From anywhere in the country, Russians can:

  • get a certificate of no criminal record;
  • request a certificate of bringing to responsibility for drug use;
  • get a passport and passport;
  • get information about the stated social benefits;
  • issue a certificate for maternity capital;
  • registration of pensions and surcharges;
  • get information about the state of pension accounts;
  • receive information from the FTS;
  • receive a policy and SNILS;
  • register and receive payments and pregnancy and maternity benefits from FSS ;
  • get an extract from USRN;
  • put the property on cadastral registration or register ownership of it;
  • obtain information about violations of traffic rules;
  • issue permission to change the design of the car;
  • get information on enforcement proceedings;
  • get a certificate of disability and extract from the social security system;
  • send documents to PFR to correct the information on personal account;
  •  submit an application for parking in special spaces for disabled drivers.

For a complete list of services, see the order of Russian Federation dated 19.01.2018 No 43-r .

How to get public services if you live outside the place of registration?

To receive a public service, you need to contact the nearest MFC or the necessary department, for example, Rosreestr. When contacting a place outside the place of registration, it is advisable to clarify the work schedule in advance and make an appointment.

You can select the desired date and time:

  • Via the Internet on the site MFC
  • To do this:

    • on website: mydocuments.rf select the center you need on the map and go to its website — indicated in  column "Internet site of the MFC";
    • on the page that opens, press the button "Record" or “Pre-registration”;
    • fill out and submit the application.

    2.  By phone

    To do this:

    • go to website: mydocuments.ru;
    • specify the region where you are located, and  ;on the select on the the the the a phone centre center;
    • click on the required MFC and the address and phone will be displayed on the map.

    3. Through the terminal in the MFC.






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