What will the fourth WDC change?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 17. The highlight of the program. How import substitution works and what Russia is capable of doing on its own 27/04/2022

WDC stations are becoming mini-stations, and improvement of the territories adjacent to them makes the areas in which they appear more attractive for life and work.

Two villages will be connected by a street

“Last year, we completed the reconstruction of the Kokoshkino station of the Kyiv direction of the Moscow Railways in the TiNAO. In this — we plan to finish the work at the neighboring Tolstopaltsevo station. They will be included in the future WDC-4. We make them modern stations with the necessary services and infrastructure, — Mayor Sobyanin writes on his VKontakte page. — We also approved a project for the comprehensive improvement of the territories near these stations. There will be parking lots for bicycles and cars, stops with awnings protecting people from rain and snow. It is planned to build and reconstruct more than 5 km of local roads near the Kokoshkino station. Thanks to this, a new pedestrian street 1.5 km long will connect the two neighboring villages.

At the same time, work is going on in other areas of the MCD. For example, to launch the fourth diameter, it is necessary to reconstruct the Begovaya MCD-1 station and the path from to Savelovskaya. A transit hub will be formed, at which it will be possible to transfer from MTsD-1 to MCD-4 or to Begovaya” Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line. According to the information of the capital's construction complex, the exit from the subway will be built into the building of a new passenger railway lobby, and a cross-platform transfer will be organized between the two diameters.

The passenger traffic of the suburban station Begovaya will double when the MCD-4 is launched (this should happen in 2023–2024 ). Its total length will be 86 km. It will have 37 stops, and will connect seven central stations: Kursky, Yaroslavsky, Kazansky, Leningradsky, Savelovsky, Rizhsky and Belorussky.

In the interests of industries

What is important: when laying new diameter tracks, the interests of not only passengers, but and metropolitan plants and factories are taken into account. For example, the route of the future MCD-4 will make it impossible to supply and unload wagons to Moscow Mill Plant No. 3, located in Khoroshovsky District. A is an important supplier of flour, cereals and bran for the bread industry of the capital (and another 40 regions of Russia). In order for the production to continue to work at full capacity, the Moscow authorities decided to build a railway overpass at the intersection of the Zvenigorod highway and the MCD-1 tracks. Thanks to this, wagons will be delivered to the mill along a separate line and around the clock.

Pedestrians have not been forgotten either. So that the diameters do not break the foot “paths” beaten for many years, crossings and bridges are erected over the MCD.

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