Where will the third Buran be transported?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 17. The highlight of the program. How import substitution works and what Russia can do on its own 27/04/2022

Soviet reusable spacecraft “Buran” finally found a home.

We are talking about the third flight copy of the reusable ship of the Energiya project — “Buran” codenamed “Baikal” 2.01. About 10 years ago, it was brought from Tushin to Zhukovsky for restoration, but they could not carry out normal work. And the state of the ship was very deplorable. The wings lost their fireproof skin, the main parts were damaged, important elements, including the landing gear, were missing.

Now the Baikal transported to & nbsp; the territory of the film complex «Voenfilm-Medyn» (its co-founders aredirector and producer Igor Ugolnikov and director of the Museum of Technology Vadim Zadorozhny). It is planned to carry out not only the restoration of “Baikal”, but also research work.

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