Who do mosquitoes like to bite?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 23. What else will the West freeze to spite Russia 08/06/2022

We rested with husband in nature. Mosquitoes don't bite me at all, but they directly attacked him. Why what is the reason for such selectivity?

D. Efimova, Murom

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“Mosquitoes are attracted to the chemicals released by human skin and the bacteria that inhabit it, — said “AiF” biologist Svyatoslav Zabelin. —  People have different genetics and  microflora on skin: genes and bacteria form an odor that insects may or may not like».

Mosquitoes distinguish between the smells of lactic acid, ammonia, acetone, carboxylic acids and and      they begin to feel aromas at a distance of 50 m. They also have a “temperature sensor” that allows you to choose warmer places on your skin so that it is more convenient to drink blood. In addition, mosquitoes find their prey by carbon dioxide: they fly to the one who exhales more CO2. If you do physical labor or sports, then breathe more often and invite mosquitoes. Insects and "stress hormones", which are emitted by a frightened person, attract.

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