Zakharova urged not to persecute after the cancellation of the Bi-2 concert

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the reaction to the act of the musicians persecution, committed in a “loyal frenzy.” Zakharova urged to “calm down vanity” and “love each other” =”Zakharova urged not to harass after the cancellation of the Bi-2 concert” />

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova urged not to harass after the cancellation of the concert of the Bi-2 rock band in Omsk because of the banner with the letter Z. She wrote about it in Telegram.

“This whole story around Bi-2— an accident of the performer, I'm sure. It happens: everyone wants the best, but it doesn’t even turn out well. There is no ideology, no politics there and close. But I'm talking about something else. Immediately, in a loyal frenzy, persecution began, which among the “civilized” It's called “cancellation culture.” Everyone started to poison everyone,»,— said Zakharova.

She recalled the words of President Vladimir Putin, who spoke about such a trait of the national character as “to take to heart.” “We keenly feel the pain and injustice of others, we are able to sincerely rejoice at the successes of others and go to the aid of those who really need it, this help,” Zakharova noted.

“So how to be? How to survive with a “heightened sense of justice” and rejection of “cancellation culture”?— asked the diplomat.

She urged “with all my heart to feel someone else's pain and for the sake of justice to appease vanity.” “Do not use the moment for opportunistic purposes, extinguish anger and aggression in yourself, no matter how noble motives they may be caused, maintain dignity, unite and be wise,” — added the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“And one more thing. Loving each other»,— Zakharova completed her post.

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The letter Z of the Latin alphabet has become an unofficial symbol of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, it is applied to a part of the military equipment participating in the special operation.

On April 21, the leader of the DDT group, Yuri Shevchuk, said that his team refused to play on the site in Tyumen, where they drew the letter Z.

“Maybe they decided to ban our concert because we changed the hall. We had a hall declared for a concert, and they drew a huge letter Z there. We refused to play there, moved the concert to another hall. They didn’t give us another hall,»,— Shevchuk said then.

Deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo Natalya Poklonskaya said on April 20 that the letter Z had become a symbol of tragedy and grief. “This letter Z symbolizes tragedy and grief for both Russia and Ukraine. Why? Yes, because Russian soldiers and Russians are dying, and parents receive different news. This— trouble. After all, the Ministry of Defense says: so many died, so many wounded. Is this joy? No, — she noted.

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