“Zvezda”: in Lisichansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered into battle with detachments

Photo: Frame from video.

The Russian TV channel “Zvezda” reported in its telegram channel that in Lisichansk, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered into a combat clash with fighters of Ukrainian volunteer battalions, which act as barrier detachments.

“The Ukrainian military are trying to retreat from the city, and the national battalions slow down the flight by executions,” the report says.

The correspondent of the TV channel noted that this became clear from the intercepted conversations of the Ukrainian military.

The report notes that the ring around Lysichansk continues to shrink .

Earlier, Lieutenant Colonel of the People's Militia of the Lugansk People's Republic Andriy Marochko noted that the Ukrainian military were trying to leave Lisichansk in small groups.

Источник www.mk.ru

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